ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story is the first game in the ALWAYS HUNTING series. Jacob's Story puts you into the shoes of Jacob Marks, who recently lost his father in a brutal homicide. It is when Jacob is called to the Police Station that he learns that there may be more to the killing than what was originally thought. When he gets home, he finds his father’s room in a complete mess with paper strewn everywhere and security cameras on the ceiling, still recording. He finds tapes stashed in the drawers of his father’s desk, on which he views some disturbing content.

As he watches the tapes, strange events start occurring, beings and entities start to come after him, including the one responsible for his father's disappearance, and the nefarious Game that his father was and now Jacob is involved in; The Employer. His sanity starts to break down as memories that can’t be his own flood his mind and dreams and nightmares haunt what little sleep he can get. As he goes on, becomes clear that there is more to The Game than anyone could guess.

Will he survive, or will he meet with the same fate as so many of The Employer's victims?

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